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By Waterfront Dentistry LLC
November 27, 2015
Category: Oral Health

For major-league slugger Giancarlo Stanton, 2014 was a record-breaking year. After the baseball season ended, he signed a 13-year, $325 million contract with the Miami Marlins — the biggest deal in sports history. But earlier that same year, Stanton suffered one of the worst accidents in baseball: He was hit in the face by an 88-mph fastball, sustaining multiple fractures, lacerations, and extensive dental damage.

After the accident, Stanton didn’t play for the remainder of the season. But now he’s back in Spring Training… and he’s got a not-so-secret weapon to help protect him against another injury: A custom-made face guard designed to absorb impacts and keep him from suffering further trauma.

As sports fans, we’re glad that Stanton was able to overcome his injury and get back in the game. As dentists, we’d like to remind you that you don’t have to be a major-league player to feel the harmful effects of a sports injury — and you don’t have to look far to find a way to protect yourself. In fact, you can get a custom-made mouthguard right here at the dental office.

Mouthguards have a long tradition in sports like football, boxing, and hockey. But did you know that far more Americans are injured every year playing “non-collision” sports like basketball, baseball — and even bicycling? And it doesn’t take a major-league fastball to cause a dental injury: The highest incidence of sports-related dental injuries occurs in 15-to-18-year-old males. In fact, about one-third of all dental injuries among children stem from various types of sports activities. These injuries may result in countless hours being lost from school and work, and cost significant sums for treatment and restoration.

Mouthguards have a proven track record in reducing dental and facial injuries: They are capable of absorbing the energy of a blow to the mouth, and dissipating it in a way that prevents damage to facial structures and teeth. But not all mouthguards are created equal: Custom-fabricated mouthguards, which are produced from an exact model of your mouth made right here in the dental office, offer by far the best protection. They fit better and safeguard the teeth more fully than any off-the-shelf or “boil-and-bite” type can. Plus, they’re more comfortable to wear. And let’s face it: No mouth guard can protect your teeth if you don’t wear it.

What’s more, some recent studies indicate that custom-made mouthguards may offer significant protection against concussion. An increasing awareness of the dangers that concussion may pose to athletes is one more reason why we recommend custom-made mouthguards to active people and their families.

To get his face guard, Giancarlo Stanton reportedly went to a specialist sporting-goods manufacturer in Illinois, and paid around $1,000. But you can get a custom-made mouthguard for yourself or your loved ones right at our office for a fraction of that price. And the peace of mind it can give you is… priceless.

If you have questions about custom-made mouthguards, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “An Introduction to Sports Injuries & Dentistry” and “Athletic Mouthguards.”

November 24, 2015
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Looking back on my first days in dental school, I never would have guessed
that I would become a sort of pseudo-detective. Next time you are in the
dental chair, consider this: Your teeth say a lot about you... perhaps more
than you realize.

Do you drink coffee? I thought so. Has your job been stressful lately?
Your teeth tell me that too. Let me guess... you went six months without
flossing, and had an emergency flossing session last night when you
remembered your dental visit? Don't worry!

While it is true that your teeth are like a window into your lifestyle, the
good news is that we have solutions! For example, many patients tell me
they wish they had whiter teeth. If you are looking for a *dentist in
Scottsdale, Arizona*, you might be glad to find out that with every new
patient experience, we offer a *complimentary tooth whitening kit*! In
addition to using professional products to whiten your smile, you can keep
your smile bright by knowing *what causes tooth stains* in the first
place. Coffee, tea, cola, wine, sauces such as red sauce or curry sauce,
and berries are all things that can darken your teeth, just to name a few!
Next time you visit, just ask us for the *best way to whiten your teeth*.

Another common ailment that is grossly overlooked is *bruxism *- a.k.a.
clenching or grinding your teeth. I have heard estimates that say as many
as 80% of all people have some degree of bruxism. That number seems a bit
high, but I can easily say that at least half of my patients have signs of
tooth grinding... and most don't even realize it! Commonly this problem
has no symptoms, but might show up in the form of teeth that are chipped or
worn along the edges, jaw aches or pains, headaches, back teeth that are
flattened or have small craters, etc. Many times people may even be
incorrectly misdiagnosed as having 'TMJ syndrome.' While there is no 'one
size fits all' treatment for bruxism, one of the most simple and effective
treatments is a *bruxism appliance*, or *night guard*. It is important
that your night guard be *custom made* in order to work properly for you.
We are confident that if you need a* night guard in Scottsdale, AZ* or *night
guard in Phoenix, AZ*, Waterfront Dentistry is your place!

Until next time,
Dr. Monahan,
Waterfront Dentistry

Image credit: courtesy of Carrington College

By Waterfront Dentistry LLC
November 12, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: partial dentures  

When you hear the word “dentures” you probably think of an appliance that replaces all the teeth on a dental arch. But there is another type: a removable partial denture (RPD), which can be a viable option for replacing a few missing teeth.

An RPD rests on the bony gum ridges that once held the missing teeth and are secured with clasps or other attachments to adjacent teeth. While lightweight, RPDs are designed to last for many years — they’re made of vitallium, a light but very strong metal alloy that reduces the RPD’s thickness. Recently, metal-free partial dentures are being used that don’t have the fit or longevity of the vitallium partial dentures, but are considered more of a cosmetic solution.

RPDs are custom-made for each individual patient to accommodate the number, location and distribution of teeth missing throughout the mouth. Their design must also reflect the health and stability of the gums and remaining natural teeth to ensure they won’t move unduly during normal mouth function, and will be as lifelike and unnoticeable as possible.

RPDs have been a mainstay in dentistry for many years and represent a less expensive tooth replacement option than implants or fixed bridgework. But they do have their downsides: because of their method of attachment to the remaining natural teeth they tend to accumulate plaque, which increases the risk of both periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay. Their fit requires that they attach to the adjacent teeth that will cause some damage and lead to their looseness over time.

If you wear an RPD, there are some things you can do to decrease these problems. First and foremost, you should clean your RPD thoroughly every day, as well as brush and floss your remaining teeth to reduce plaque buildup especially at contact points. Be sure to remove the RPD at night while you sleep. And keep up regular dental visits not only for additional plaque removal but also to allow us to inspect the RPD for problems or wear.

An RPD is a viable option for improving mouth function and restoring your smile after multiple tooth loss. With proper care and maintenance, your RPD can serve you well for many years to come.

If you would like more information on removable partial dentures, please contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Removable Partial Dentures.”

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